About Me

Hello Friends!!

Hi! This is Shree Mathur. I’m 9 yrs old and in 6th grade. I’m so happy to meet you all! Thank you for visiting my website. Here you can see many exciting things! I hope you all have a awesome time visiting me.

Things I like:

I like many things… I like pink, Pizza, having free-time, making friends, playing, studying, shopping for toys. Just imagine i like everything that’s fun. That’s how i am!

I work on:

Well, I work on some websites. I work on Gitaforchildren.com and Vegfoodforkids.com. I recommend you all to check out these websites. And of course, I ┬ástudy, but not school. I study from the internet, like it’s school but just on home. These websites are fun for sure!

My Family:

I have 4 Family members. Me, My Sister – Radha Mathur, and My Mom – Komal Mathur. And my Dad – Amit Mathur. My mom is a Consultant, Doctor and Lawyer.



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