A paragraph about Pyroclastic flows!

Hey everyone! Today I’ve written a short paragraph about a fascinating and awesome topic and I thought sharing these words with you guys would be great! Check it out:

Pyroclastic flows – all about them

Pyroclastic flows are very dangerous and deadly events and can harm you a lot. However, this natural disaster is very rare. And It’s also next to impossible to survive when a pyroclastic flow occurs. This volcanic event can go till speeds of 100 mph, and can be as hot as 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit. This harmful natural disaster’s scientific name is a “Pyroclastic destiny current”. Pyroclastic flows usually head downhill, and normally come from certain explosive eruptions. Once a pyroclastic flow occurred in the Italian town of Pompeii, when the ash hardened around the victims’ bodies, forming human shaped spaces.
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“100 most dangerous things on the planet – what to do if it happens to you” By Anna Claybourne. Pg no. 12 – Natural Disasters