Happy Canada Day!

Hey everyone! Wishing you all a very happy Canada day! Canada is my nationality and I’m proud to call myself a Canadian. Today is our Canada’s 150th birthday, on July 1st, 2017. Every year on July 1st Canada celebrates its birthday with joy and happiness! Canada is an amazing country with people from many different cultures… I’m so happy today!




I’m feeling so great today :)

Hey everyone! Today was very exciting because our class went to a picnic! We played fun games, and we played in the splash pad too. We. took Public transport to go to our picnic. Our teachers were making unique games and were pretty fun! We played in the park and the playground. I had a lot of fun today! We even had some Ice creams and Slushes…. I bought a blueberry slush! It was so tasty…mmmmm….. Anyways, It was nice sharing this experience with you guys!emoji


Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth day everybody! Today is the day when we all can do something for earth! Like planting trees, Cleaning up areas and recycling! Our Earth provides us with so many natural resources, we should today do something for earth! Anyway, I always used to wonder what was the history of earth day. I did some research and i found this link! Check it out!

The History of Earth Day